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Prece var atšķirties no attēlā parādītās. Attēlā var būt parādītas detaļas, kuras neietilpst piegādes komplektā.
GNET L2 videoreģistrators
Produkta kods:
Zīmols: GNET
Pieejamība: Piegāde no 1 dienas. Pēc pasūtījuma veikšanas mēs jums paziņosim precīzu piegādes laiku.
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Preces apraksts angļu valodā:

Safe Driving Assistant "ADAS" (Advance Driver Assistance Systems)
ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) systems to help the driver in the driving process. It can increase car safety and more generally road safety.

FVSA (Front Vehicle Start Alarm)
It is intelligent smart system for driver's convenience. When the distance from the front vehicle exceed 2 meters, the signal will appear on the LCD screen with alarm.

FCWS (Forward Collision Warning System)
FCWS can prevent a collision. When the driver approaches very close to front vehicle, the dash cam will appear the waming signal with alarm on LCD screen.

LDWS (Lane Departure Warning System)
LDWS operates When the driver leaves the lane, it will notify about it through the preset waning sound.

AUTO NIGHT VISION employs the GNET ISP (Image Signal Processing) technology and the real-time image processing function to bring brighter images under night time.

JDR file system
The world's first JDR file system is the next generation format system after AVI and MP4 format. The exclusive JDR file format has been developed with 20 years of security expertise and know-how. JDR format recordings can be played via GNET PC viewer and GNET Application.

Format Free
JDR file format efficiently uses storage of memory card. And also it assigned to a block of data to a certain size, and can optionally adjust the amount of data that the user wants to record to allocate space according to their size. So you don't need to format memory card periodically.

JDR file system are automatically recovered damaged files or even mistakenly deleted files once a SD memory card is reinserted onto the camera. Because the other system is stored data in memory, whereas the JDR file system stores data in the CPU.

24 Hours recording mode
The Gnet dash camera records 24 hours recordings not only during driving but also during parking

Packing mode
When the ACC voltage is released, the parking mode automatically operates in 10 seconds. It is recorded with 10fps in order to extend recording time.

Impact mode
When animpact is detected within the vehicle, it will automatically start an event recording

Smart motion detection mode
When parking mode is ON & motion detection is ON, recording starts auto-matically at 10 fps when motion is detected.

3.5'Touch Screen & Easy to use GUI
You can check recording status with large screen and high-definition LCD on the spot and convenient operation by full touch screen. More intuitive and convenient GUI design - Windows-style menu design readable and easy to use.

Front angle viwe 140 degree
Along with 140-degree wide angle lens view, it will minimize blind spots to assure recording of all events without fail.

Intelligent Low voltage Battery Protection
For the purpose of battery protection, dash cam automaticcaly detects and cuts off voltage when the voltage drops below certain point. Once initiated, recording is stopped and power is turned off.

External GPS
Connect with externa GPS, it can precisely pinpoint the vehicle's ocation and routes with its driving speed on the map. The GPS helps ou accurately assess the status of the accident by providing you eith the vehicle speed, the direction of the collision and the severity of the impact.

Gnet Smartphone aplication (Android / OS)
Rear time live view: GNET Smartphone application allows you a convenient viewing of real-time recording, date, time, voltage and travelling speed and GPS info are all shown.
Easily COntrol the Dash cam: You can easily control, manage files and configure the settings of dash camera via GNET smartphone application.
Save and transfer the data: You can download and save the data in your smartphone. In additional to you transfer the data via smart phone.


Image Sensor: Full HD CMOS sensor
Audio Input: Buil-in Microphone
Video Compression: H.264
Audio Compression: ADPCM
Recording resolution: Front cam FHD 1080P (1920x1080P) / Rear Cam HD 720P (1280 x 720) (Full mirroring)
Frame per second: Front/Rear Max 30fps
Angle view: 140 degrees
Memory Capacity: 256GB Micro SD (Vlass 10) supported
Wi-Fi Button: SMartphone registration standby mode
G-Sensor: Event recording by External Shock
Speaker: Operation Status alarm / Voice guidance
Wi-Fi (otional): Connect to GNET application via Wi-Fi dongle.
External GPS (optional): Synched with Google map, Keep track of location and Speed.Viewer: Windows XP/7/8/9/10. Support 32Bit/64bit, Supported over OSX 10.7 64 bit. Synchronizing Google Map with PC viewer is supported over Windows7 and explorer 10 as per Google's policy.
Power: DC 12V~24V
Allowable current of providing fuse: 3A
Aperation Temperature / Humidity: -20 ℃ ~ 80 ℃ / 10 ~ 95%
Dimesion: Front 100mm X 62mm X 34mm / 44mm X 38mm X28mm
Video izšķirtspēja:
Full HD
Atmiņas karte:
Līdz 1 TB Gb.
Maksimālais ieraksta laiks:
125 st.
Iebūvēts GPS:
Displeja izmērs:
3.0" un lielāks
Kustības sensors:
G-sensors - sitiena sensors:
Fotoradaru karte:
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